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Brian Flatt’s 2 Week Diet – Your Road Map to Flat Belly

Life has no remote and you just have to do things yourself if you are to end up happy.

Why do I say this?

Well, a short story that I know will resonate with you.

My name is Brenda – a 48 year old woman with an amazing husband and three kids to show for my twenty-year-old marriage. Whoever said that marriage is bliss though, must have forgotten about the baby weight factor that has all women reeling almost immediately after pregnancy.

That said I love my kids to death and wouldn’t mind adding 100 pounds more if I were to do it all over again.

My point is, before the kids came into the picture my husband and I were all about exploring the world; hiking, camping and swimming down natural streams freely, among other fitness-oriented activities that we took for granted.

But that was now a thing of the past. Before the full wrath of parenting was unleashed in our lives – as we slowly became entrenched in time consuming activities for the betterment of our young angels. Between homeschooling and raising three super-hyper young kids; who has time to go for a jog or even a stroll down the neighborhood every now and then?

In fact, we often found ourselves going for fast-food meals, pasta, pizza and of course, Ben and Jerrys. In a nutshell, all parents out there will concur that parenting can indeed be very overwhelming and fatty junk food always seems therapeutic during this period, right?

When all fashionable clothes don’t fit anymore and just look wrong every time you try them on, something is not right.

This started happening to me and as it happened, I grew more comfortable under my new, thick skin while telling myself that weight is somehow synonymous with age.

Generally, when this happens, most women like to think that beauty is vain and superficial, yet they are guilty of always seeking constant approval and assurance – I admit that I was. Besides, we are often told that true beauty lies in the inside and not out right?

As years flew by, every activity that seemed fun before was now daunting – yes, even going out for a simple picnic became an overwhelming affair.

Maybe, I just wasn’t going to embarrass my family with all the belly fat around my waist or maybe, staying at home and eating junk looked like a much better plan.

One thing however was certain.

I had amassed low self-esteem alongside immense self-image issues that I had to work if I truly loved my family. I needed to take a whole new approach to keep fit, burn all excessive fat and lead a healthy lifestyle.

Making up your mind is always the easy part, implementing your strategy tho, is a whole different ball game altogether.

Where was I to start? Well, maybe like all other women in their forties, I decided to go for one of those exclusive 30-day diet programs.

At first, everything was fine and I could feel some slight changes within my body. But no visible changes to show for the drastic diet alterations? No, I had to change tact so I quickly switched to a DVD exercise program after a close friend of mine recommended me to try it out.

Given, I lost a couple of pounds and everything was great.

But just like a New Year’s resolution, the motivation to stick with it soon flew out the window. The weight was fast creeping in again thanks to my sugar-happy taste buds in combination with the constant cravings that couldn’t allow me to peacefully drive past a fast food joint.

With all my weight back plus a few extra pounds to cap it, I had lost all hope of ever being lean again.

I had hit rock bottom and all I could do was convince myself that maybe, I just was meant to be fat.

Besides, it is in our genes.

So much so, that my hubby too had given in to my new found values about weight being part of us and our true beauty was inside.

Until last summer when everything suddenly changed for the better after inadvertently bumping into our long lost friends Jeanie and Bill.

The thing that struck me most was the fact that Jeanie was much leanerthan I was despite being a lot bigger than me ten years back. Not only that, both seemed rejuvenated, and didn’t look like a couple going through the damned mid-life crisis.

I will admit that, that was one of the weirdest moments to date. The last thing you want being a woman in her forties with excessive belly fat projecting just how out of shape you are is to bump into a fit peer with abs rivaling that of movie stars.

The bombshell however, was yet to come.

After deciding to catch up over lunch, Jeanie had the guts to order a 2,000 calorie-filled meal without even blinking!

Was this even possible? How on earth could she afford to savor such a meal and still be this slim?

It didn’t make any sense! Especially when I was sipping my home made diet shake!​

She noticed the shock and quickly responded with one of the most ironic remarks I had ever heard – “the secret lies in watching what you eat strategically.”

Now I was convinced she was indeed out to mock me. I was once a calorie counting freak and what do I have to show for it? I asked myself.

Indeed, all I wanted was to find an effective way to get my sexy back and probably, fit into the fashionable clothes that I had grown to hate. My envy for Jeanie was obvious and when I couldn’t take it anymore, I decided to drag her aside for a one-on-one.

That’s when it all dawned on me that I knew absolutely nothing about what a healthy lifestyle consists of. In short, she told me to eat healthy proteins, know the difference between good and bad carbs, and the importance of consuming healthy fats.

Now that was a shocker! Healthy proteins? Good carbs? Right fats? I never knew those words could be used together in a single sentence – right fats, think about it.

Jeanie then sent me a video by Brian Flatt and asked me to watch it. I literally couldn’t wait to get home so as to demystify the much-needed weight loss secret that I had been seeking almost half my life.

The video I must admit, completely enlightened me on a whole new different, yet simplistic approach to life.

Brian Flatt lays out a number of easy-to-follow steps and guidelines that entail altering how and what you eat.

I went ahead and booked a 21-day session with him as recommended, and committed to his advised eating habits that promised to change my life forever. Even though I was a little skeptical at first, there was nothing to lose except weight right? And that’s the main idea.

The changes were quite challenging initially mainly because I had to restock my fridge and virtually, change everything I enjoyed feasting on. Interesting enough, the diet changes weren’t as bad as I had thought and in fact, turned out to be equally mouth-watering being that my first day consisted of some bacon and eggs for “first meal of the day” – yes, you read that right.

According to Brian, there are good and bad fats contrary to what old science researches pinpoint.

The non-sense about eggs having too much cholesterol or high fatty content that accumulates in the belly is just misguided.

All in all, my new found diet also consisted of a “carb” detox period that made me crave the easy energy source-filled meals I had become accustomed to.

My body in fact, seemed to be burning all the complex carbs entailed in Brian’s diet and this resulted in a difficult period where I just felt sick and drained at the end of the day.

However, I wasn’t about to give up and every time I felt like doing so, a memory of Jeanie’s gorgeous frame popped up and suddenly my commitment was aggravated again.

I wasn’t gonna let anything get in the way of my goals.

The Lose it! App on my iPhone proved to be one of the most paramount tools in my quest as it helped me keep track of all essential calorie and weight loss metrics, besides keeping track of my meals.

On my way to the local store four days after getting acquainted to Mr. Flatts’ diet, something amazing happened. Rose, a close friend of mine who works at the store, asked me what the reason was behind my new found glow and trim.

Finally, I was LOSING WEIGHT and people were noticing the results of my hard work. That night as I was wallowing in my achievements, I also noticed a couple of other things. My constant cravings stopped and my meals provided the satiety I needed to keep me going throughout the day.

I however resisted the urge to jump on to a scale and decided to wait until the end of the week as promised.

It was on a Saturday evening when finally, the seven-day timeline elapsed meaning it was time to get on the scale. I almost scream my heart out with what I saw. I had managed to shed off a whopping 5 pounds – in seven days!

Two things came into mind, either my scale was either broken or I was still day dreaming but I settled for the former and decided to dash out the next day to confirm if the five-pound weight loss was indeed true.

True to this, I was now convinced that I had indeed managed to shed off five pounds after trying out almost every scale within my locale.

It was a miracle.

I was now addicted to losing more and more weight just like a drug. Psyched to embark on the next step, I started visiting the gym three times a week, for thirty minute sessions as recommended.

A plethora of amazing things have happened since then

  • I managed to lose a staggering 55 pounds in just less than four months and currently, I weigh just 129 pounds which is way less than the previous 196 pounds. The best part, I haven’t added a single pound since then.
  • My husband now seems to flaunt me all over town like the trophy he never won back in his hey days as a football stud. His friends often asked him how he got a “new” partner at his age
  • No more shapeless look and better still, my abs now allow me to fit into fashionable and trending attires. Just the other day, I purchased a flowing, red evening gown that I had promised myself to procure once I had shed enough weight to fit into it.
  • Unlike previously when walking for just five minutes seemed like one of the toughest feats to achieve, I now jog five kilometers on the treadmill and in just 40 minutes flat. However, I am looking forward to take it a notch higher and achieve the 5k in half an hour.
  • All the back and knee pains emanating from my arthritis past are now long gone. In fact, I can’t even remember the last time I felt painanywhere on my once-fragile body.

Life has no remote and it all starts with you 🙂

I am however grateful of the fact that I bumped into the right information thanks to Jeanie and didn’t have to go through some of the stringent starve-oriented diet plans I come across the internet often.

I never thought that shedding so much weight was even possible for a woman my age but it happened, and I have come a long way since then.

I know how it feels being in that position where everything regarding your health seems meaningless and pointless.

​It’s damn frustrating, and truly demotivating…

That’s why I’m on a mission to share what I know with every woman out there seeking to change for the better.

If you are truly serious about finding a way to lose excessive weight and restore energy FAST then click the button below and you’ll see the exact same information passed on me by my dear friend Jeanie.

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I hope it helps you like it did to me 🙂