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In-Depth Look On The Venus Factor Program – How does it help lose weight?

The Venus Factor program is developed especially for women, if you are a man this program is not for you. It is created by a weight loss expert, well-known writer, and nutritionist “John Barban”. It’s a Twelve Weeks Venus weight loss plan and fat burning program and developed to re-balance those hormones which increase weight.

My Own Experience With The Venus Factor

Hey everyone! Welcome to my page about the Venus Factor! I’m Kristel Whitney and I’m currently living in Birmingham, Alabama with my husband and I work as an investment consultant. So, let me start this article straight up.

Are you another one of those people who are suffering from obesity, a curse of the modern world?

Is it so that whenever you look at the mirror you just want to break it to pieces ‘cause you just can’t stand what you see in it?

Do you feel like killing your loved ones when they tell you that you look beautiful, but somewhere deep inside you know that they are just saying it to make you feel good?

Do you feel shy about wearing your favorite dresses because you’re never quite sure if it’ll even fit you?

If the answer to even one of the above questions is “yes”, and you feel like you deserve a better life than that, well, you’ve come just at the right place.

Why, because three months ago I used to feel the same way as you’re feeling right now and I know it’s a gigantic pain in our already gigantic butts. So, what do we do about it? That’s a question. But more importantly, whatever we decide to do, will it make a difference? Have a look at my results  before you go any further.

The last two questions are kind of rhetorical in nature, and trust me answering any one of those with certainty is tough to say the least. I mean, of course you could hit the gym and spend a couple of hours there EVERYDAY to get to the shape you covet so badly. Needless to say it means a hell lot of sweat and maybe even blood.

Also, the particular thought is a little bit expensive too, considering the fact that you just can’t lose weight in a matter of a couple of days spent (wasted) at the gym. So gyms are really out of consideration for people who have a work schedule that restrains them on a daily basis.

I’m here to tell you that all hope is not lost for us people, and this is true because of the new marvels that have come to the markets as revolutions in weight loss methods. All you need is a bit of trust. Now, I’m betting that you must have heard of diet control supplements that are prevailing in the online stores like plagues; what you don’t know however is that almost all of them are full of tall claims and when it comes to performance, they just DON’T work.

So, again a question arises (yeah, I love going through rhetorical stuff, but they are sort of worth it), is it worth going after all those products that, in the end, we know are not going to work? No, it’s not!

So, let me tell you about something that does work.

Let me introduce to you, the Venus Factor, the **WORKING**, natural and safest way to lose weight! And why should you believe that I’m not telling you about anything bogus, and that the Venus Diet actually works? Well, even if you don’t, you can take a look at the pictures that I’ve posted. The first one was taken around three months ago and the second one, a half an hour ago. And if THAT isn’t not enough, well,  you are a pessimist!

How does The Venus Factor Work?

If you are researching about the Venus factor, then I can tell that you must have decided to do so after reading the column in New York Times. So, how exactly does the venus factor work?

The Venus Factor works only for WOMEN.

Science has now discovered that virtually everything to do with weight loss for both men and women is controlled by one master hormone. This hormone that controls 100% of your body’s ability to burn fat is Leptin. You may not know how Leptin works, so let me quickly explain:

High levels of Leptin speed up your metabolism and signal your body to burn fat and low levels of Leptin slow down your metabolism and signal your body to store fat. Those are the basics, now get ready for some surprising facts regarding Women and Leptin. Researchers recently discovered that women naturally have twice as much of the fat burning hormone Leptin in their body compared to men.

That’s the good news!

However, brand new research revealed the following bad news that explains why women can struggle so much to lose unattractive body fat and keep it off:

  1. Women can be 3 times less responsive to Leptin’s signal to burn fat than men. This means even though women have a lot more Leptin they just aren’t using its fat burning potential. This condition is known as “Leptin Resistance”. An obvious sign of Leptin resistance is the soft, squishy, cottage-cheese looking fat found in your problem areas. However, Leptin Resistance is just 1 of 2 unique problems that kills female fat loss.
  2. The second unique problem women face with Leptin is that when dieting, your Leptin levels can drop twice as much and twice as fast compared to when men diet. As talked about, when Leptin drops your metabolism hits the brakes and slows right down. This is exactly why you experience frustrating weight loss plateaus on diets so much faster than men.

Yet, what if I told you there is a solution to turn the tables on your genetics by reseting the way your body utilizes Leptin to permanently turn your fat burning switch all the way on, and never let it drop again.

Can you imagine how much faster and easier you lose weight when you have your master fat burning hormone working in overdrive for you instead of against you?

The difference is like night and day!

The Venus Factor is the first and only weight loss plan designed to dramatically increase female metabolism and bring out the sexy goddess in you by delivering fast, long term, enjoyable fat loss…

It is NOT another fad, restrictive, or difficult diet that inevitably results in:

  • Uncontrollable food cravings
  • Frustrating plateaus
  • Diminished energy and fatigue
  • A damaged, slower, fat storing metabolism

Or at best, temporary weight loss with piles of embarrassing rebound weight gain to follow.


It’s time for a solution that truly works with your female metabolism instead of against it to ensure your success.

My Venus Factor Result

I ordered The Venus Factor Program from the official website around three months ago and after I started following it regularly, its effects really started to reveal themselves after a month. Before starting the Venus Program, I weighed about 146 lbs. In just three months of usage, I’ve lost 20 pounds, so it feels like an awesome achievement! You can see the changes that I’ve had in the photos below.

I surprisingly had no food craving, no plateaus and could feel the fat loss from my stomach and hips due to a change in my metabolism.

What’s Inside of Venus Factor Fat Loss? Program Components.

Venus factor comes with 5 main components:

1).  An 180 page eBook – The Venus Factor diet plan and Fat loss manual:

In this part, complete Venus diet details are mentioned, food that increase Leptin resistance e.g. sugary, snacks, soy, low fiber carbs etc. and how to avoid them. Here you will learn about right food that increase your Leptin level in your body to make you healthier and smarter.

However, it is scientifically proved that Leptin level increases by The Venus Factor diet and exercises both. Unlike The Venus factor, other programs (I bought) work only diet part or exercise part which cause the fat return in your body and there is no use of reducing burning fat if it comes back.

Why 90% fat loss attempts fail! When you diet with extremely low calories intake or fasting, it lower your Leptin level, and this hormone control your metabolism, appetite and other helpful factors which are very important in fat loss process.

2). The 12-Weeks, Step by Step Venus Factor System Workout:

No doubt, this is an effective twelve weeks step by step and easy to follow Venus workout plan. John Barban created it with his all expertise so that you can perform all exercise at home or take them to gym to develop the classic feminine shape that you desire.

The important part is to follow the instruction completely, as initially it seems hard to reduce weight but once you reduce few pounds you get motivated and love to perform exercises.

3). The Venus Factor System’s Virtual Nutritionist Software Application:

The Venus factor actually saves your pennies by eliminating the cost of personal nutritionist from you budget, as it provides you a virtual nutritionist app.

This is application has all that you need and provides you the fast track to automate your dieting process by giving you a better count of proteins and calories after measuring you numbers.

4). The Venus Factor Index Podcast:

This podcast is simply amazing and instructional tool, it introduce you with other women doing same struggle like you and getting success. These podcasts are really very mental and motivational tool to let your fat go for forever.

5). The Venus Factor Community:

As mind sciences has proved that success happens when you think and commit to achieving mentally, John Barban know it all which is why he give you the premium membership of Venus community, where you find people who are new to Venus system including those who has already reduced 2 – 3 dress sizes in just 10 to 12 months. This community is simply amazing and motivational for all.

Conclusion of My Real Venus Factor Reviews:

The first thing you should know about The Venus Factor, honestly, It is not a magic pill to remove all your fat in a jiffy and not all of women who try the Venus factor weight loss program will achieve desired results. Your success in Venus weight loss community is directly based on your commitment, if you are not really willing to be sexy and sleek than this program will not work for you, Afterward, few of these people call this program “Venus Factor scam”.

The Venus Factor is all in one weight loss solution which includes all dietary and workout related plan to get yourself pretty and sexy in 12 weeks.

I believe that losing fat permanently as a girl or women should follow all the instructions of the program and believe in themselves to get rid of fat permanently.

Thousands of women have benefited from this system and new success stories keep popping up daily. SO go ahead and join the program today!

PS – And yeah one thing I forgot to mention,The program comes with this money back guarantee of 60 days for a limited time only. So if you are somewhat not satisfied by this system (which is highly unlikely), you can ask the support team to issue you a full refund.

Have fun and let me know when you too see the Venus Factor working for you!

To your success,

Kristel Whitney

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