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Thank you to Talking Biotech Sponsors! 

It should be noted that most sponsorship is in lieu of a ‘speaker fee’.  It is customary for speakers and lecturers to receive some personal compensation for their time and efforts. Folta does not typically receive speaker fees. Instead he requests instead that the funds go as a donation to the outreach programs.

Many organizations request information and training on how to talk to the public, and are happy to make a donation in return. 

Outreach activities funded include Talking Biotech workshops, My Science Garden, Veg-A-Sketch, and others. These funds do not fund the Talking Biotech Podcast. Basically, outreach education is funded by monies that could have gone to him personally, but instead are applied to defray the costs of teaching science and delivering needed resources to schools. 

Contributors: Oregon Farm Bureau, Boston University, Manitoba Canola Growers, US Pork Board,  National Onion Association, University of Missouri, American Seed Trade Association, National Allium Research Conference, Light Emitting Computers. Iowa State University, Florida Fertilizer and Agrichemical Association, Farm and Food Care Saskatchewan,  Oklahoma Pork Congress, Manitoba Potato Growers,  Great Lakes Crop Summit, University of Maryland, Agreliant, Farm and Food Care Ontario, Crop Life Canada, Institute of Food Technologists, Genetic Literacy Project, United States Department of Agriculture/Michigan State University, Skeptical Society of St. Louis, 

A quarterly list of all sponsors above and the amounts contributed to the outreach program ($100-$5000) can be seen at

(in order received)  Ms. Amira Esk, Mr. John Csonka, Dr. William Pilacinski, Mr. Mitchell Weitz, Dr. Karthik Aghoram, Dr. Christine & Joshua Chase, Dr. William Enright, Dr. Alan Kriz, Ms. Kristen Schubach, Mr. Michael Sieler, Mr. Scott Carle, Dr. Curt Hannah,  Mr. Mark Keating, Ms. Mary E. Mangan, Ms. Emma Bower,  Ms. Alison Gair,  Mr. Steve Joehl,  Dr. Henri Kester, Mrs. Renee Kester,  Ms. Nancy Kurul, Mrs. LaDonna E. Pride, Ms. Laurel Stuart, Amy Levy, Wendy L. Picht, (others have been received and information will be posted asap). 

Anonymous — $100, $25