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How can you support the Talking Biotech Science Communication Program?

This program is not yet grant funded, so it is 100% dependent upon external contributions.  Our sponsors understand the value of an informed electorate, and a stronger communications outreach strategy, enabling farmers, dietitians, physicians and scientists to fairly represent the peer-reviewed literature in public discussion. 

Your kind support does not fund the Talking Biotech Podcast, which is 100% privately funded. 

We welcome you to join the family of sponsors for these workshops.  It costs approximately $1000 to produce one workshop, so your level of sponsorship might be based on a number of workshops you wish to sponsor. 

All accounting is 100% transparent and is provided upon request (with a few days lag time, as it comes from our fiscal office).  No funding goes to Kevin Folta or other associated personnel.  It is used 100% for actual costs incurred to deliver the program (minimal airfare, hotel, rental car, parking, event coffee/sandwiches). 


A.  Use this link to make a direct contribution. 100% goes to the University of Florida toward this outreach program.  The “appeal code” GSHUP ensures it goes to the Talking Biotech program.

B.  Personal Check.  TWO EASY STEPS! 

1.  Send a check for the desired amount made out to the University of Florida.  Send it to, Ms. Lisa Tomlinson, 1251 Fifield Hall, Horticultural Sciences Department, University of Florida, Gainesville, FL 32611

2.  Write an accompanying letter that specifies that the donation is an “unrestricted gift” to the communications outreach program of Kevin Folta. 

Easy!  “Unrestricted Gift” is a term our university uses to be clear that there are no hard deliverables associated with the donation. It is key that it is part of the letter. 

Thank you for your interest in supporting education and training in science communication.